There is a lot of competition in this business. If you want to stand out in front of Casting Directors, submit a better Reel. Only a seasoned professional can make the most of your material.  Invest in your career!  Read my Testimonials and the FAQ now.

My Demo Reel Editing services are widely considered to be the best in the industry.  I’ve been cutting professional Reels for over 25 years.

I provide everything Casting expects from you.  You get expert advice – fast editing – seamless delivery to Casting Workbook and IMDB – and easy payment terms if you want them.

And, you need to read this.

“Casting Directors expect you to have a professional headshot and a professional Reel. David is the best Demo Reel Editor by far. ”

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Makepeace Client Library


Rosemary Dunsmore

He turns what could be just an ordinary reel into a compact piece of art.

Natalie Brown

I trust Mr. Makepeace implicitly. Nothing extraneous. Nothing but your best. With David, you never have to worry

Laura de Carteret

David Makepeace is incomparable both as an artist and collaborator. There is, quite simply, no one better.

Ashley Leggat

David produces the best Reels around. Period. He knew exactly what I needed.

Carla Collins

Makepeace is a genius.
He understands the
rhythm of comedy
like no other editor.
He is the only one
I trust with my material.

Deb McGrath

As a woman in this
business trying to set
herself apart, Dave
accomplished that
in my reel.

Jessica Steen

David is so much fun to work with! He's creative, smart, and extremely efficient. I'd never work with anyone else!


Michael Riley

After 26 years of working together, there is no one I respect or trust more. Makepeace is the best. Period.

Ben Bass

I've worked on my Demo with editors from across North America. Hands down, David has the superior skill and talent.

Colin Mochrie

Dave is an excellent editor-producer-director with a keen eye for what makes a good Demo Reel.

Hugh Dillon

Makepeace is a fucking genius. My Reel has landed me some of the biggest jobs of my career. David is a huge part of my success.

Yannick Bisson

David has a strong
understanding of what
the decision-makers
are looking for.

John Ralston

Makepeace never ceases to amaze me with his ability to take my material and give it an impact that says
“cast me."


Demo Reel Facts

Making a reel? You NEED to read this.

If your Demo Reel isn’t speaking the language of BREAKDOWN - you’re not serving your audience. That’s the bottom line in all the nasty Reels I see: the editor didn’t understand the language of Casting. A Reel is not simply a sequential compilation of your scenes - it’s a trailer of Casting Hits. Hits are the language of Casting Breakdowns and Hits are the language of Casting Directors (CDs). And they should be the language of your Demo Reel as well. »More...