Demo Reel Facts #5

Getting a new, objective opinion on your current Demo Reel might be the best move you could make! I’ve been cutting Reels for over 20 years, and I see other editors making the same mistakes over and over.  And it’s you – the client – who is suffering.  In a competitive business, you have to assume that your competition already has the best possible Demo Reel.

So what to do?  Don’t think you are stuck without a solution.  My Free Critique Service offers you an honest, professional opinion on your current Reel complete with constructive advice about what must be changed and what can stay the same.  And in many cases, the re-editing of existing Reels is fast and easy to accomplish.  No matter where you live, we can work together to get you the best possible Demo Reel.

If your Reel is already posted on the Internet – send me the link.  If you have a video file of your Reel on your computer – upload it to me here.

My Demo Reels book jobs for actors.  Ask my clients.

Get the best possible Demo Reel.

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