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Are you are searching for the world’s best Demo Reels?   This website is designed especially for you.  My editing services for Acting Demo Reels are widely considered to be the best in the industry.  Check out the Sample Reels – the Testimonials – read the FAQ.  There’s no better service of its kind anywhere.

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"Dave is an excellent editor-producer-director. He knows what Casting Directors want. A total professional who is creative and fun, and pays top dollar for endorsements."

—Colin Mochrie (Canadian comic icon)Watch David's Demo Reels here

“David is a genius. He has been my editor for years now. He is the only one I trust with my performances."

—Carla Collins (comedian/host/writer)Get watching Reels!

"David has produced my Reel for almost 10 years. He is a big part of my success. I wouldn’t go anywhere else if you paid me. He’s that good."

—Hugh Dillon (Continuum; Flashpoint)See Hugh's Demo Reel here
Ronda Cooper
Agent at The Characters

"I represent very high-end clients, and with David's expertise, their Demos land them exceptional roles. He's been my editor for many years."

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"David's work has been my calling card for most of my career. He has a strong understanding of what the decision-makers are looking for."

—Yannick Bisson (Murdoch Mysteries)See Yannick's Demo Reel here

A Day In The Life: Antarctica

I have travelled extensively in the polar regions - often to produce sales and marketing films for Quark Expeditions, the leader in polar adventures. This promotional video is the latest in a long series of programs I have created that promote travel to Antarctica and the High Arctic.

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Marty Adams

Getting the best possible Demo Reel is essential for professional actors. I've been cutting Reels for over 25 years and have the process down to a fine art. My Demo Reels book jobs for actors. Ask my clients.

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Demo Reel Facts

Casting Directors tell us all the time that "No demo is better than a bad demo." This tells you exactly how important your Demo is to getting seen by Casting Directors. In fact, it's essential. Agents say the same thing. Your Headshot and your Demo Reel have to be done professionally. It's a competitive business. As an actor, you have to assume that your competition has the best possible Demo Reel. Are you ready? »More...