Showing up for the Universe!

This is my 20-minute promotional film designed to convince the public to see the Total Eclipse of the Sun that is visible across North America on April 8, 2024. It chronicles my life as an eclipse chaser - a visual feast of global adventure and natural wonder to turn even the sharpest skeptic! I'm proud to say that lives were changed because of this film.

Inspired Filmmaking!

Director, Cameraman, Editor I do it all in this one!

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—Moira Harvey, Communications Manager

David is a true artist. Over 15 years I have come to rely on him to produce and direct all my video needs.

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Canadians watch more online video than any other population. Leveraging the power of this media is now critical for many organizations. But big production companies are simply too expensive. For over 20 years I have provided inspired, cost-effective video production to organizations large and small. Deal directly with a single, trusted artist and see the difference for yourself.