Exploring the Polar Regions

I have travelled extensively in the polar regions - often to produce sales and marketing films for Quark Expeditions, the leader in Polar Adventures. This short clip, narrated by Gordon Pinsent, is taken from one of a series of web documentaries I made for the company.

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I have travelled the world over with a camera on my shoulder. Something most directors don't do. It's made a big difference in my work.

»Let me put it on the screen for you.
—Moira Harvey, Communications Manager

David is a true artist. Over 15 years I have come to rely on him to produce and direct all my video needs.

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Canadians watch more online video than any other population. Leveraging the power of this media is now critical for many organizations. But big production companies are simply too expensive. For over 20 years I have provided inspired, cost-effective video production to organizations large and small. Deal directly with a single, trusted artist and see the difference for yourself.