Demo Reel Facts #4

Much of the time, Casting won’t even consider you unless you have a Demo Reel.  It’s just the way Casting works.  But what if  you only have a few scenes from class?  No problem.  Everyone understands what it means to be at the beginning of a career.  But a Pro Reel is even more important if all you have is class work.

The mistake is thinking since it’s “only class work” that you can get away with a cheap Demo.  I argue that it is even more important to book a Pro when you have class work.  Because evaluating workshop material is a special skill!  Your editor has to know what Casting wants to see – and what they don’t.  I have dozens and dozens of clients who bring me their work from Sears & Switzer – Rotenberg – Armstrong – and we make Reels that work.  Whether you are looking for an agent, or looking to make your new agent happy – I know exactly what you need.

And with my Actor’s Workshop Package – especially designed to keep costs down for students – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

No matter what stage of your career you are at – getting the best Demo Reel possible is essential to your success.

Get the best Demo Reel possible.

Book me to produce your Demo Reel.