Demo Reel Facts #3

Using an out-of-date Demo Reel is like having a Headshot that’s 10 years old.  It actually misrepresents you.  Casting doesn’t like that.  Part of your job as an actor is making yourself as easy to cast as possible.  Are you easy to cast?

Your Demo has never been as important to your career as it is right now.  Casting Workbook and the Internet have changed the way the Casting industry works.  Today, Casting expects you to have the best Demo Reel possible. If you have a old Demo, or no Demo at all, Casting is blind to you. It’s that simple.  Many roles get booked from your Demo Reel alone – without having to audition.  Another reason why you must have the best Demo Reel possible.  It’s essential.   The idea that a good Reel is a “nice to have” not a “must have” is ancient history.

If you have worked since we produced your last Reel – then it’s time to update.  You don’t need lots of new material to do this.  One or two new scenes is all we need to keep things fresh and keep new performances in the face of important Casting Directors.  Plus – updates are fast and easy in the studio.  And I can help with updating your Casting Workbook and IMDB pages, as well.

When was the last time you got booked off your Demo?

Get the best Demo Reel possible – update today!

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