Demo Reel Facts #2

Many roles get booked from your Demo Reel alone – without having to audition.  Another reason why you must have the best Demo Reel possible.  It’s essential.

The idea that a good Reel is a “nice to have” not a “must have” is ancient history.  Casting Workbook and the Internet have changed how the Casting industry works.  Today, Casting expects you to have the best Demo Reel possible. If you have a bad Demo, or no Demo at all, Casting is blind to you. It’s that simple.

My clients call me all the time:  “Thanks Dave!  I just got booked off my Demo!”  I love to hear it.  Because my Demos book jobs for actors.  Ask my clients.

Are you getting booked off your Demo?

It’s time to make the right move.  Get the best Demo Reel possible.

Book me to produce your Demo Reel.