Demo Reel Facts #1

Casting Directors tell us all the time that “No demo is better than a bad demo.”  This tells you exactly how important your Demo is to getting seen by Casting Directors.  In fact, it’s essential.  Agents say the same thing.  Your Headshot and your Demo Reel have to be done professionally.  It’s a competitive business.  As an actor, you have to assume that your competition has the best Demo Reel possible.  Are you ready?

Bad Demos are cheap to produce but they actually cost you more than you realize.  The most common mistake actors make when it comes to producing their Demo Reel is getting someone they know to do it for them.  Producing a Demo Reel that books jobs is a highly specialized kind of editing.  It takes a combination of special skills that even career film and television editors do not possess.  In fact, all picture editors are specialists.  Feature film editors don’t cut commercials – and music video editors don’t cut documentaries.  Every genre requires a unique set of skills that target a unique audience.

When it comes to Demo Reels, the audience is as narrow as it could possibly be – limited to a handful of Casting professionals, producers and directors.  If your editor isn’t intimately connected to this target audience – your Demo Reel will miss the mark – and it won’t book jobs.

It’s time to make the right move.  Get the best possible Demo Reel.

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